Sing me about the love on lollipops and crisps.
I’ll come with the cold wind just to leave tender kiss on your pale lips,
Standing right here and holding your bare knees.
Well, I’ll be just a cold breeze.

We will be together tonight
I’ll be the moonlight on your skin,
Leaving little kisses on…

blotsofthoughts: Where has your blog been, my whole life?

I don’t know, sunshine. I don’t know. <3


Going ahead by this bloody road
And letting the world brighten explode .
 A scaffold is waiting for us and nothing more ,
Our unhallowed heads fill fall to the floor.

Sagebrush is bitter just like your lips
Please , leave me just one tender kiss.
We will meet nowhere by the lunar eclipse ,
So blow me a kiss, just one more kiss.

You can fall down so far away ,
But I will hold you in any way.
I’m just a ghost for you, and no more
I’m just a shadow play on the wall.

thevampiregirl4321: hi i love your tumblr blog its so freaking awesome

Thank you, sunny! Have a nice day! xoLiv

shitty poetry by me


Cutting my hands,
Making it bleed,
You don’t want to see it
But you’re the one that I need.

Help me with painting
This walls bloody red
I’m no living,
But living dead.

The dozen roses will be blossoming here
And bloody angels will sing me to sleep.
I’m not living, not anymore
So bring me the coffin and the pistol

Shot me in head
Tear it to pieces
See all my thoughts
See all my reasons


I am not master of poems


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am so worthless
And so are you

Roses are sighing
Violets are drying
They want see me dying
Why are you crying?

Roses are bleeding
Violets are crying
I am not living
I’m just surviving

Roses are grey
Violets obey
I’m not okay
My heart is ashtray

Roses are rotten
Violets are shred
I’m in the coffin
They say I’m dead
                                                                  - O.Nielsen

etoilevela: Your blog is so full of art and beauty, i fucking love it

Thank you,doll! I’m doing all my best to keep it good! Have a nice day! xoLiv