xobeenimble: I <3 your blog!

I <3 you!

madlysuicidal: i love your blog x

Thank you, sunshine!

cxuley: your blog is filled with so much beauty, dont stop blogging :3

Thank you, beauty! I won’t stop (well, at least I’ll try :D) ! And when I die the ghost of me will be blogging here. I promise.

palle-pinkk: did you know this is perfect? Don't stop blogging omfg id die

Haha, don’t die, I’ve got something in my queue for you :*

thepunkflowerchild: Hi! I absolutely love your blog, it's slightly like mine but mines a little more pale, if that makes sense haha. Anyways just wanted to say hi!

((((((((((((lovely vibes))))))))))))
I’m super glad you like my blog! And well, I love the title of your blog :D
Have a nice day, pie! xoLiv


Last night I saw a dream where your lips and mine
Were burning from the kisses and the wine.
And I was tired from waiting, it was more than just passion
You knew I wanted some action.

I felt your tender kisses on my skin
But on the reality it was just summer wind
It was just the play of my mind.

You’ve never been mine
But I miss you so much
And I guess that’s not fine.