deaf-tonez: Your blog is absolutely perfect

Thanks, sugar!

miathesupremepanda: Your blog is amazing! I love how you make it and how you've put the link to your blog under the Photos you post :3 Continue being amazing and awsome "Gives a awsome cookie"

Thank you, pretty girl! Have a good day! xoLiv *gives some flowers* 
(i took this pic by myself, not stealing)

Anonymous: How did you put your blog within the text in your post?

uhm, i’m not master of explanation Q__Q

s-e-a-w-a: Your blog is really amazing

Thank you! I’m trying to find something really good for you guys but it becomes harder with each post xD Anyway, stay beautiful~ xoLiv

violet-vampire: i love how your bio is mcr lyrics <33

Yeah, MCR lyrics is life