artistfrompluto: I just stumbled upon your blog and it's flabbergasting! I love the pictures and how you treat your followers, especially with the adorable nicknames! I definitely look forward to your posts, I hope you have a lovely day dear~

I want to apologize, you little flowers, for not posting things. I’m an art student, so I have no time even to use my laptop. I’m trying to make a good queue for you guys. Like I’m writing that to let you know I’m still alive.
Thank you for that warm message, honey! I’ll try to keep it good! 
Have a nice day!

baciam1: Loveee your blog 😻

aww, sugar!

deaf-tonez: Your blog is absolutely perfect

Thanks, sugar!

miathesupremepanda: Your blog is amazing! I love how you make it and how you've put the link to your blog under the Photos you post :3 Continue being amazing and awsome "Gives a awsome cookie"

Thank you, pretty girl! Have a good day! xoLiv *gives some flowers* 
(i took this pic by myself, not stealing)

Anonymous: How did you put your blog within the text in your post?

uhm, i’m not master of explanation Q__Q